Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

My first food post! YAY!! Food is one of my most favorite subjects and no one does food like Disney! I have lots of favorite Disney restaurants and I hope to get to post about all of them eventually.43565333_10100270337464055_7969845819601846272_n

So this past weekend I wanted to try somewhere new and who doesn’t love good southern home cookin’? So I made reservation to go to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs.  I have been eyeing this place for months now because everything looks so amazing. I also love the look of the actual restaurant, it’s very bright and open with a simple feel, a little farmhouse like.43496373_10100270337628725_8074062788722425856_n

The weather outside was pretty decent for Florida so when given the choice of sitting inside or out, I picked to sit outside on the screened in deck. I will always choose outdoor eating as long as it’s not a million degrees out! Lucky for us they also had a huge fan blowing straight on me, I thought that was perfect! The view from the deck was gorgeous! Right by the water just like I like. Made for a nice meal!

43473462_10100270337613755_2086629033772056576_n     The menu has lots of options but I already knew what I was getting so I didn’t even take the time to look over everything else. I just ordered the Thigh High Chicken biscuits as planned. They are considered a starter but they are huge and it is a lot of food, plenty enough for a full meal! If you like dark meat then you would probably really like these. I myself decided I wasn’t a fan and would probably not get them again. We also ordered Momma’s mac and cheese to share. Now this was the best decision ever because when I tell you that was the BEST man n cheese I have ever had I’m not kidding!! I would go back just for that if I had to. It was perfect and so cheesy (no you can never have too much cheese).43518107_10100270337788405_1614954664468414464_n

Walking through the restaurant looking at other people’s food, the salads looked amazing, I’d like to try one of them sometime! I also would like to go back and try the fish sandwich or the BBQ, and with out a doubt I will be going back to get a giant slice of their humming-bird cake next visit.


43636864_10100270337923135_2926196665129893888_n     Drinks! There was a pretty decent size list of moonshine and other drinks so of course we couldn’t pass that up! They all looked interesting but good.  I went with The Local all I had to read was coconut and pineapple and I was sold. I thought it was great! So light and refreshing but you knew it had alcohol in it. Perfect for a warm/hot day out of that back patio! Id get it again!43470067_10100270337648685_8576081849296617472_n





So Homecomin’ may not be my most favorite restaurant in Disney or my first choice to go eat but it was good and I enjoyed the experience, I’ll gladly go back sometime in the future.






I know there are many blog post out there for this very same topic, but it is an important topic when planning your day at any of the Disney Parks! Or any of the Universal Parks for that matter (I maybe wouldn’t take my Disney brand items but same sort of things). I have a whole list of things that I find to be important to take with me and it all fits in my tiny perfect little Mickey Backpack!! Which is my first item!


  1. Backpack! – Some people want a cross body, and that works but I like to have my IMG_0121Mickey backpack! It keeps my hands free and holds all my things along with anything (within size) that I buy. When going to Disney I feel it is only necessary that my backpack be Disney themed too! I got this one from my mom which makes it even more special!

2. Magic Bands! – I have more than one so I will normally throw an extra one, just incase, into my bag. I understand some people only have one and they will be wearing it on their wrist but I still thought it was very important to mention! Some people also will just have the plastic cards. Whichever you are using, it is essential to have this with you at the park! After all you can not get into the gates without it.IMG_0123

3. Phone Charger! – There is nothing worse than being in the parks and wanting to Snapchat your crazy Thunder Mountain ride and your phone be dead!! IMG_0124Also you are going to need a million pictures and videos at the end of the night of the Happily Ever After castle show right?? So a charger is a MUST!

4. MONEY, ID & AP Card – So this is not specifically for everyone and I know a lot of IMG_0139people just use their magic bands as their money source. I however like to use my gift cards a spend all year saving! I also need my ID because with AP card they will ask for it sometimes when making purchases, which leads to me needing my Passholders card! Cant be with out that when I want that discount on all my goods! I will admit I also like to have my ID for a few fun adult drinks some days, especially when going to Epcot!

5. Chapstick or Lipgloss – Between the sun and the wind blow lips after whipping img_0136.jpgaround those turns on 7DMT you are going to need something if you are anything like me. Also I like to have lip gloss for those fabulous picture moments! Having Photo Pass is seriously the best thing ever!! Take all the pictures you can people!!

6. Hand Sanitizer – As much as I prefer to simply wash my hands, sometimes you can’t get to a bathroom to do so.  My small little hand sanitizer is good for after rides and img_0125.jpgbefore eating when I cant actually wash my hands. I am not a huge germaphobe but when in a place like Disney it is a good thing to keep with you.

7. Band aids – I have used so many band aids in the parks! Between blisters and me simply being clumsy they sure do come in handy! I have also saved a few other strangers from their evil shoes a few times.


8. Sharpie – I do not do too many autographs anymore but this is great to have on hand IMG_0126for those special autographs! I do love getting the Pins they hand out though and I can use my sharpie to write on them. I also use it to mark up my park map sometimes with my plan for the day.

9. Camera – If you are satisfied with the photos you take on your cell IMG_0138phone this one might not be a must have for you. I personally do not think my phone takes the best pictures so I like to have a real camera with me for the important photos! Like the Elephants playing in the water while on Kilimanjaro Safari.

10. Wet Wipes/Tissues – Wet wipes are more handy than tissues but I like to have IMG_0131both on hand! Wet wipes are great for a variety of things, my number one reason for having them is to wipe of dirty tables when going to quick service restaurants they may have something on them. Another great thing to have them for is when looking for somewhere to sit for a minute, I like to wipe down the seat or bench if it looks dirty. Tissues well they are just good to have when you need one! haha

11. Poncho – So in Florida it tends to rain, but not all day normally just a quick rain shower here and there and it is no reason to leave the Park! Just throw on your poncho and keep truckin’ it!! I really actually love a good rain shower when im in Disney because it tends to clear out the crowd a little and makes wait times drop! I’m all for that.IMG_0137

12. Deodorant – Y’ALL! This one is very needed by so many people! There is nothing IMG_0133worse then standing in line in a closed queue and having to smell some fonky persons body odor! PLEASE take this with you! The spray kind works best for quick refresh in the park! I just don’t have any at the moment, they also make a cute new little ball that is super easy for packing!!

13. Sunscreen – I really don’t always bring this or even use it, but it can get brutal out IMG_0132there in that Florida heat. I’ve seen people get some serious sunburns! You don’t want that to happen to you. Just be courteous of those people around you when using the spray kind! Just because you want it on you doesn’t mean they do!

14. Hand Lotion – this one really isn’t needed but I got a super cute hand lotion at Target from their Disney collection and well that makes me just HAVE to use it while standing in line for Haunted Mansion in hopes that people will see how cute I am using my Disney lotion while in Disney hahah.IMG_0129

I realize this is a very long list, and not everyone will need everything I have on it. But I don’t want anyone to forget anything they may need. I love to have all of these things with me and they are all small and easy to fit into my bag with plenty of space left for Mickey mouse shaped rice krispies! Have fun at your next trip everyone!! I hope it’s sooner than later because everyone needs Disney in their lives!!

Finally, I did it!

Traveling to great places

Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses, sky and outdoorGrowing up my whole life my parents took us to all kinds of places, we traveled a lot around the country on school breaks. My first trip was probably either the beach or the mountains of North Carolina but the first trip I can actually remember other than those two places was Disney.  I also had the pleasure of taking my first cruise the summer before 4th grade, we did an Alaskan cruise on a Princess ship. I can’t remember much but highly plan to take an Alaskan Disney cruise sometime in my future.  It wasn’t until high school that I got to experience outside of the country but I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the other countries. Belize being my favorite, until recent years when I fell in complete love with St. Thomas. Because of traveling so much all through out my life I was able to experience so much and I am grateful for all of it. There are still so many places I want see and experience and I plan on going to as many as possible while I can.

December 2014

I had been to Disney as a child, first time was when I was 4 years old and I remember the trip so vividly (Most of it anyways).  I knew I loved Disney World growing up but it wasn’t until our NYE trip Dec of 2014 that a fire was sparked in me and it ignited into something that will probably never go out. It is a part of who I am now. There is a feeling you get while walking down Main Street USA towards that miraculous castle that you can not feel anywhere else. Pure, innocent, untainted happiness. For that moment in time all of your worries and stress and sadness are gone. All is right with the world.


For me, It wasn’t so much the place that I fell so deeply in love with, it was the man that started it all.  His story amazes me and touched me so deep that it left forever imprints in my soul. I have now to this day watched every movie bio on him and have been trying to read every book I can get my hands on.  I want to know everything there is to know.  Anything to make me feel closer to him. My ultimate goal is to make it to Disneyland and walk where he walked, see what he saw.

December of 2016

My excitement was about to make me explode! I was finally fulfilling a dream I had been wanting for so long, I was in Miami boarding the most beautiful ship my eyes had ever seen. The Disney Magic! It felt like a dream and I got choked up a few times once I was on the ship I must admit. I was so happy.


After the most amazing cruise I got home and starting reading tons of other peoples blogs about their own trips.  I got to thinking and I really hated I didn’t do anything to document my trip and only had pictures to look back on. I knew then that I wanted to start a blog.  I wanted to share my stories for others to enjoy just as I had been able to do reading others travel blogs. So here I am! Finally! : )